The original idea for this website was just to tell the fun story of a first time dog owner. Never having encountered the needs and demands of caring for what essentially turned out to be my fifth (and two and a half years later sixth) child, I hadn’t been able to find a
‘one-stop place’ to discover what may lay in store. The only information sites I could find were those looking to sell me a dog, or a myriad of associated canine products.

My choice of a cockapoo was simply the fact I’d always wanted a golden cocker spaniel. However, allergies prevented me from owing any type of dog and so this seemed to be the perfect solution. I admit there have been times – many until Freya reached the age of six months – when I wondered what on earth I’d let myself in for, but the rewards of owning a dog are in such abundance that there are absolutely no regrets.

There’s a real need here to add the caveat that I am a complete novice; the opinions expressed are purely mine and the only qualification I have when it comes to caring for animals is that I own and love my two cockapoos.

Any links to third party advice are those that I myself found helpful during training and caring for Freya and Frankie, but stress that I have no alliance, involvement or receive payment from any of them. This includes the Frankie Goes To reviews; these are purely based on our personal experiences as we travel around with our fluffy companions.

So as I say, we now have puppy number two, a little sister for Freya. Naturally, I chose another cockapoo; Francesca Louise AKA Frankie-Lou, joined our family full-time on
23 March 2020, the beginning of the first Covid Lockdown.

All the articles on the website are listed in The Blog. From here you can search for any topic by entering what you’re looking for in the search box (either at the top or bottom of the page depending on your device).

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