All Grown Up

By the time Freya turned two in June 2019, I’d seen a real change in her behaviour. Gone was the rebellious teenager, enter a lovely, friendly, well-behaved dog, all of which seemed to happen overnight.

It was so wonderful to realise that all the training, the frustration and the demands of always having to be consistent when correcting any negative behaviour┬áhad paid off – and in a relatively short time (all though that’s not what I said at the time).

Now Freya is trained to KC Gold standard, is a gentle and kind Pets As Therapy dog volunteering at our local primary school, and an absolute joy to have around.

However, I’m delighted to say that at four, I still have my crazy, doodle dashing pooch when Freya’s let off the lead to enjoy loads of fun with her furry friends.

You can read all about Freya’s transformation to a calm cockapoo here