From the Experts

This is a collection of information from those in the know I’ve accumulated over time, either through their professional capacity, or long-term personal experience of owing dogs.

Freya is delighted to introduce Rachel, an animal behavioural scientist, who very kindly agreed to share her knowledge and experience with us all. We published her top ten tips series over a period of ten weeks, on how to help enhance our personal relationships with our pooches and form a lifelong bond. You can find the complete series here. or click on the individual topic of interest below.

What to look out for when choosing your puppy
Developing your puppy’s social skills
Why we fall in love with our puppy
Learning with your puppy
Consistency in dog training
Pay attention to your dog’s good stuff
Recall and your dog
Reinforcing positive behaviour in your dog
Separation anxiety: Taking back control
A long and happy partnership with your dog

Further articles

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