Frankie goes to the Bike & Boot Inn, Scarborough

The Bike & Boot has stunning views across the bay if you’re lucky enough to have a sea view.

The Bike & Boot in Scarborough was founded by Simon Kershaw and Simon Rhatigan, well-known entrepreneurs with an impressive track record in the catering and hospitality industry. In September 2023, they opened its sister hotel of the same name in the Peak District (later addition: the Peak District Hotel won The Times ‘Best Places to Stay: Cheap & Chic Hotel of the Year 2024’.

I stayed for a few days in December with a girlfriend to walk, talk and generally catch up, taking time out of our hectic working lives.

The Paw Award

The five paw awards

Everyone knows we dogs normally have four paws, so to get a five paw award is super special. Four is an extremely positive Frankie recommendation, any less and it’s just a question of personal choice.

Friendly & welcoming atmosphere

Image of the entrance to the Bike * Boot at Scarborough with self-service  check ins
Reception area at The Bike & Boot Inn, Scarborough

There’s a free parking permit for guests and, if you’re lucky as we were, you can park directly outside the inn. The reception area is quirky and full of fun. Even though it’s self-check-in, there was always someone there to help if we needed anything. The atmosphere throughout the hotel is wonderful with both guests and staff really friendly. Most guests had dogs which is always a break though for conversation, especially with my two.

The main lounge area where tea, coffee and cake is available at 4pm each day
The second lounge

Helpful staff

Every member of staff we came across loved dogs and always took the time to say hello to Freya and Frankie. If you needed help, it was always on hand. However, our room was on the fifth floor with the lift out of service. We didn’t see anyone on hand to help with bags if you weren’t able to manage. I suspect mainly active people stay at this hotel, so even though it was a pain to have to cart everything up several sets of stairs, we managed. The lift was mended on our final day so at least it was – quite literally – an easy ride on leaving.

Freya and Frankie ready for bed.
Bedtime at the Bike & Bike

Accommodation suitability & cost for dogs

We selected a twin bed, ensuite shower room, with a sea view which included Bike & Boot toiletries, a minibar, wifi, a coffee machine and a kettle. There was also free bottled water and milk. Space was a little tight, but adequate for Freya and Frankie’s beds. At £15 per night, per dog it was expensive. It adds an additional £90 to our accommodation bill. However, it was worth it as the Scarborough Bike & Boot is pretty comprehensively kitted out with what they call a “Wadobi” area; this simply means ‘everything taken care of’.

Freya and Frankie in the dog bath.

There are lockers, washing facilities, showers, toilets and secure cycle and surfboard storage. For walkers, there is a boot washing station with drying areas and the reason I was first attracted to the hotel a dog bath for wet and sandy dogs, along with a grooming table. 

The dogs have full run of the hotel and Freya and Frankie certainly made themselves at home.

Little extras offered

There were super large dog biscuits tied to the Christmas tree in the main lounge. Before we realised they were there, these nearly resulted in Frankie toppling the tree in her effort to grab one. There was a roll of Vet Bed in the room for one dog, and the free toy mentioned on the website wasn’t in the room. Had we asked, I’m sure we would have been given a second bed and a couple of toys. As we always take our own, it wasn’t an issue. Just the fact they were allowed everywhere in the hotel so we could relax, felt like an extra compared to many I’ve stayed in.

Location and dog walks

There is a small park a hundred yards to the right of the hotel where Freya and Frankie enjoyed their early morning walks before breakfast. This was too dark at night, so we walked just around the corner in the evening for their bedtime wee; this wouldn’t be not a problem in the summer months. There is a lovely coastal walk directly from the hotel with easy access to the sea front and the town.

Frankie awarded the Boot & Bike 5 Paws

Image of the 5 paw award showing the Bike & Boot received the full 5 paws.

You can book directly with the Bike & Boot Inn here