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Enter Ruth, Digby and Amber

It was while on a walk with Hilary and Owen in Tatton Park we met Ruth and husband Geoff out on a puppy training exercise with other owners.

We were immediately attracted like magnets to 12-week old Amber, Ruth’s tri-coloured cockapoo puppy, and we struck up a cockapoo conversation (naturally). Ruth also introduced us to Digby, her three-year-old apricot cockapoo, who was so large she’d had a DNA test done on him to make sure he actually was a cockapoo!

I mentioned that having experienced a Lily stay, I was thinking of buying a cockapoo and she recommended Amber’s breeders. We exchanged mobile numbers and I said I’d be in touch if I decided to take the cocka-plunge.

This was to be the beginning of a wonderful friendship for both us and our dogs. In fact in February, 2019, we co-founded The Cheshire Doodles Club Facebook Group and now share the doodle love with hundreds of other loving owners.

Digby and Amber Freya's cockapoo buddies

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