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How far can you walk your puppy?

When I asked How far can I walk my puppy? of several people, I received conflicting answers. A friend sent me the following image which illustrated just how long it takes for a dog’s growth plates to close and I wanted to ensure that I gave Freya the best possible chance of being free from joint issues in the future.

Sketch of the skeletal growth in dogs

In the end I Googled – of course – for direction and found The Labrador Site had some really useful information. It covers

  • Taking your new puppy for a walk
  • How much exercise does a puppy need?
  • How does over-exercising harm puppies?
  • Different types of puppy exercise
  • How far should my puppy walk?
  • How much exercise is too much?

More technical information on bone formation and the anatomy of the growth plate can be found on the Vet Folio here

You can read about Freya’s first puppy walk here


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